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  • Ajax Pagination with jQuery and PHP

    Octobre 2017
    yssyogesh posted a photo: Using Pagination you can divide the huge list of data in multiple parts or pages. The user only able to see specific numbers of records and need to navigate for viewing another list of records. In the demonstration, I am creating a table structure which shows the list (...)
  • Check username is available or not using AJAX

    Octobre 2017
    yssyogesh posted a photo: If you allowing the user to login with their username and password then you have to make sure that every user has the unique username. When the user goes for registration on your site check username either after form submitting or check it with AJAX while entering. In (...)
  • Simple Tab content area with HTML, CSS and jQuery

    Octobre 2017
    yssyogesh posted a photo: Tab content area occupies less space and can handle a lot of information within the web page. It displays multiple sections in a neat way. This makes easier for the user to quickly switch from one section to the other. In this tutorial, I am creating a simple Tab (...)
  • How to make Accordion with HTML, CSS and jQuery

    Octobre 2017
    yssyogesh posted a photo: In this tutorial, creating the accordion using HTML, CSS, and jQuery. The accordion is a vertically stacked list of items. Each item can be “expanded” or “collapsed” to reveal the content associated with that item. There can be zero expanded items, exactly one, or more (...)
  • 20170712104634

    Octobre 2017 — webdevelopment, jquery, jquerymobile
    bobrobinson2 posted a photo: Build native mobile apps by learning this Projects in jQuery Mobile. This library allows shortcuts that are just as efficient as the original line by line JavaScript code. jQuery Mobile adds a similar functionality for developing on smartphones and (...)

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