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  • How to Increase Conversion Rates with Ouibounce

    27 mars, par Learning JQuery — Intermediate, Plugins, Tools
    One surefire way to increase conversion rates on your landing pages is to include some sort of pop-up, be it one that appears as soon as your user visits the page, or an exit pop-up that appears when the user is going to leave the page (usually this type of pop-up is activated when the (...)
  • How to Use Media Queries with jQuery

    22 mars, par Learning JQuery — Intermediate
    The evolution of smartphones and tablets has forced website owners to integrate mobile/tablet friendly (or responsive design) techniques. The creation of responsive design websites has subsequently evolved with new tools and frameworks. Media queries play an important role to create a (...)
  • How to Sort HTML Table Using jQuery Code

    21 mars, par Learning JQuery — Intermediate
    HTML tables are useful for displaying data in a tabular format. Tables tend to look elegant and clean. However, HTML tables are even more useful when data is sorted in columns in an ascending or descending order. In this post, we’ll learn how to sort an HTML table using jQuery without using any (...)
  • How to Dynamically Resize an iFrame

    19 mars, par Learning JQuery — jQuery Resources
    We’ve already talked about how, as developers, iFrames can sometimes be our worst enemies. Because their content is often hosted on another server (as well as their stylesheets), they can be a huge pain to change around and manipulate. In our previous iFrame post, we gave you a snippet that can (...)
  • 3 Useful jQuery Snippets for Handling Table Data

    13 mars, par Learning JQuery — Beginner, Intermediate
    Do you want the ability to be able to dynamically edit and manage your tables? With jQuery, it’s pretty easy to get data and change table elements dynamically using only a few lines of code. The snippets below will show you how to add a new row to your table, how to retrieve all values (...)

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