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  • Using jQuery to Delete All Inline HTML Styling

    12 juin, par Learning JQuery — Beginner
    Inline HTML styling (when the style attributes for a particular element are written within the HTML tag) is not something that’s considered a best practice when it comes to HTML and CSS, and it’s becoming less and less common. You don’t often come across inline styling unless a site’s code hasn’t (...)
  • How to Use jQuery to Dynamically Open Links in New Tabs

    5 juin, par Learning JQuery — Beginner, Intermediate
    Even if you’re a new or beginning developer, you probably know that you can easily make links open in new tabs by using the target attribute with your anchor tags. To make a link open in a new tab, all it takes is to make your HTML look like this: <a href="/link/" (...)
  • How to Use JavaScript to Detect Browser

    31 mai, par Learning JQuery — Beginner
    Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our code looked the same and worked the same no matter what browser our users are viewing our projects or web pages on? That’s the dream, right? Unfortunately, cross browser compatibility isn’t something that a site can achieve without adding some extra code. There a (...)
  • How to Use jQuery’s Mouse Methods

    22 mai, par Learning JQuery — Beginner
    jQuery has 4 event methods that have to do with cursor movement. The methods are .mouseenter(), .mouseleave(), .mouseup() and .mousedown(). All of these methods can be used to trigger events and execute code based on when and where the user’s cursor moves. In terms of syntax, they’re fairly (...)
  • Using jQuery to Count Child Elements

    16 mai, par Learning JQuery — Intermediate
    If you ever find yourself needing to know how many child elements an HTML element has, you’re in luck, because there’s a jQuery function for that. There are actually a few different ways you can go about doing this. The first is really simple and straightforward, and will count all the children (...)

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