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  • jQuery 3.3.1 – fixed dependencies in release tag

    20 janvier, par Timmy Willison — jQuery
    We encountered an issue in the release for jQuery 3.3.0, so we’ve immediately released another tag. The code itself is identical, but our release dependencies (only used during release) were added to the dependencies of the jQuery package itself due to the new behavior of npm in version 5+. (...)
  • jQuery 3.3.0 – A fragrant bouquet of deprecations and…is that a new feature?

    19 janvier, par Timmy Willison — jQuery
    It’s been a while since the last jQuery release, but the Core team hasn’t been idle. We’ve got an all new minor release for you, and it’s even got a new feature in it! The .addClass(), .removeClass(), and .toggleClass() methods now accept an array of classes. jQuery(elem).addClass([ 'dave', (...)
  • TEST

    15 janvier, par Leah Silber — Uncategorized
    TEST text

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